Patient Portal FAQs

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What is the Patient Portal?

As an OhioHealth practice, our office uses a secure web-based Patient Portal for your convenience so you may:
  • View your billing statement
  • View and pay your balance online
  • Opt out of receiving paper statements by US Mail
  • View scheduled and past appointments
  • Request an appointment
  • Request that we reschedule your appointment
  • Tell us if you want your automated appointment reminders by phone, email or text message
  • Update your personal information we have on file, including address, phone number and email address

Who can use the Patient Portal?

Any active patient of our practice may be eligible to register for and use the Patient Portal.

How do I receive a PIN number for the Patient Portal?

To access the Patient Portal, you need a PIN number. This PIN number is your password that you will use each time you access the Portal. You have two options to register for the Patient Portal and receive a PIN number, either on your own via the Internet or in our office:

Option 1 – on your own

  1. Go to the Patient Portal and click on “Register” on the left side of the screen under “New User Registration”
  2. In section 1, enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and home/primary phone number and click on “Find record”
  3. If your record is found on file, you will be asked to verify your identity
  4. In section 2, click on “Call me”
  5. When your phone rings, say “hello” to begin the process and follow the phone prompts by entering the authorization code that appears on your screen
  6. In section 3, enter a personal PIN number of your choice along with your email address.
  7. Click on “Complete Registration.”

Option 2 – in our office

  1. Request a PIN number from our front office when you are here.

How will I know if my Patient Portal request has been processed?

If you use the Patient Portal to send us a message to request a new appointment or to reschedule an appointment, our practice office specialist will work on your request. On the same or next business day, the office specialist will either call you, or will post a reply message to your Portal account. You will receive an email to let you know our reply message is waiting for you on the Portal, so you can log on and retrieve it.

Who do I call if I have questions or problems?

To get answers to questions about the Patient Portal, please call our billing office at (614) 544.6366.